Friday, February 3, 2012

Starting the Projects Issued By Clients

Recently, we've gotten a major assignment from one of our clients, which will require us to have a suspension of submissions temporarily. We will be back online soon.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Latest Software

After a long stage of beta testing, we have finally released our open source software for public use. One of our biggest projects is still in testing, but we have released it. The TambolLite Browser is finally available for people to install on Kiosk systems.

Click Here to Visit and Download TambolLite Browser

Need a break? Well, after some time messing around with HTML5, our team has released a couple short games that come in the form of Google Chrome extensions:

Nyan Hack

Flying Heavy

If you need any help installing these extensions visit here:

AND last but not least, we've released a launcher for one of our favorite games on the internet. TankiOnline. Test our lightweight launcher today!

Download the Launcher

Welcome to Tambol Solutions

Welcome to our new website for our users to easily connect. Share us and this website will be going through extensive updates.

We are working hard to help our clients and due to this Contact Us substitutions will be back logged for 2 days.